Marina is the founder, CEO, and leader of our crew. With more than 10 years of experience in UX/UI, software, apps, and website design she has proven time and again that she has what it takes to be an innovator and a trendsetter. Her expansive skillset, goal-conquering personality, and enchanting soft skills make her a natural leader, ready to face every potential problem or complication with a warm smile and unbendable resolve.

Founder & CEO

Sasho is a natural at being UX/UI designer because he is more than a born artist, he is a professional one! His zeal for learning and crafting amazing designs, animations and graphics is reflected in his vast imagination, big heart, and unwavering creativity.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Kalina has international experience working for corporates and startups in both b2b and b2c markets. A serial entrepreneur, who knows how to position a company and communicate the value proposition in order to attract customers and generate more sales. Kalina's progressive thinking allows her to come up with creative revenue streams and new ways to deliver an immersive omnichannel experience that strengthens the brand presence and creates lasting relationships.

Growth & Strategy Lead

Kris is the one who brings order to every project. His comprehensive grasp allows him to find alternative use cases that most UX designers would usually miss. Being systematic and organized not only helps him manage all projects effectively and efficiently, but also empowers him to build logical and feasible ways to present information resulting in coherent and intelligent Information Architecture that provides a strong base for intuitive User Experience.

UX/UI Lead

Hrissy is always ready for a new challenge, a new activity, a new project. Having her on the UX team is a great pleasure. Being such a polite, well-mannered and hard-working person she is a match worth having. As an active listener she is the one who can catch all the little details within the client's brief and translate it into unique and easy-to use solutions.

Expert UX/UI Designer

Dido is a person that trusts logic. He is immaculate in his work and never misses a detail. He seems to have found his way to clients' hearts as he has become one of their top favourites. If you happen to be stuck, he is the person you go to. Pixel perfect describes what you get when you work with this guy.

UX/UI Lead

Radi is the type of person who gets stuff done. One thing we all love about him is how persistent he is. Giving up is not an option for him. He is the type of person who works with logic so UX is really what he is best at. He works on countless projects at the same time and still takes extra tasks. This guy is a real machine!

Senior UI/UX Designer

Martina is our creative force that understands any user and can translate their needs into a memorable and seamless experience. She has mastered the art of information visualization and her projects provide an elevated journey within all digital touchpoints. The knowledge she has gained in building design systems allows her to work in a consistent manner, always delivering products that are logical and intuitive.

Senior Product Designer

Meri has graduated as a Web Design and Graphic Advertising professional with specialization Advertising and she is one of the most technical and methodical people in our team. Her education empowers her to create distinctive UX solution, that not only deliver a logical and intuitive experience, but also focus on higher conversion and lower churn rate. Her structured way of working always brings 100% consistency, which is why our clients love to work with her. That's why every project she touches is going to accomplish all set goals and even more!

Expert UX Designer

Eli has graduated the National Academy of Arts with Bachelor's in Advertisement & Graphic Design. A key member of the crew that always strives to deliver striking visuals that spark emotions and create a wow effect. Eli's creative mind comes up with novel ways to present and visualize information in order to make it appealing and easy to understand. She supports the clients with branding and UI tasks, as well as all print and digital communication materials.

Branding & Graphic Designer

Nevena is an experienced Business Development Manager with many completed projects. Her experience has taught her that there is one way to do business and that is to make it as human as possible. She builds long-term relationships with clients based on trust, mutual respect, and understanding. She is the leader of Fram in the United Kingdom and takes care of all our local clients.

Business Development - UK

Margi is our Jack of all trades and that one crew member that always has the right stuff to make you smile. She handles paperwork how she handles humour, and she handles a trek through the mountains like she handles a casual stroll in the park.

PM & Administrative assistant

Val is our dev superstar. She is the one that you can trust with all the code. She has years of experience and continues her education in the USA while assisting us with all development tasks necessary. What you are looking at now is entirely her work. She took the uneasy task of satisfying our design needs and accomplishing perfection. Thank you for the brilliant work, Val! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Development Lead