Marina Shideroff Photo

Marina is the founder, CEO, and leader of our crew. With more than 10 years of experience in UX/UI, software, apps, and website design she has proven time and again that she has what it takes to be an innovator and a trendsetter. Her expansive skillset, goal-conquering personality, and enchanting soft skills make her a natural leader, ready to face every potential problem or complication with a warm smile and unbendable resolve.

Founder & CEO

Boris Sokachev Photo

Boris has his gravity! When he works it’s not a matter of how, what, or when, but a matter of ZEN! A calm composure on the surface hides a tempest of creativity raging within as he takes on each design project and makes it interesting, creative, and unique. He also rides his bike in winter! Yep, that’s tough, but that’s how mavericks are.

Web and Digital graphics Officer

Sylvie Alexandrova Photo

Sylvie is the newest and much-needed addition to the team. She is a magician who combines strategy and creativity. Her innovative approaches and views of the business world are the key to our growth. You can count on her to help with your brand’s overall strategy and guide it in the right direction.

Head of Marketing

Alexander Todorov Photo

Sasho is a natural at being UX/UI designer because he is more than a born artist, he is a professional one! His zeal for learning and crafting amazing designs is reflected in his vast imagination, big heart, and unwavering creativity.

UX/UI Designer

Kristyan Ilchev Photo

Kris is the one who brings order to every project. His UX architect ideas are so fascinating, he is born to do that. His role in the team as the UX team manager is the perfect match. He manages to bring us all together and make us feel as if we belong here. His organizational skills and creativeness make him succeed perfectly in every initiative.

UX Team Lead

Daniela Stefanova Photo

Danny is a being of balance and order! Her role in our crew is UX & UI Design Team Manager and her job requires her to track the progress and lead the rest of the design team towards the satisfying completion of each project. Her calling, however, is to take our team of creatives and make us a family! She succeeds in both!

UX/UI Designer Team Manager


Hrissy is always ready for a new challenge, a new activity, a new project. Working as a member of the UX team is a great pleasure. Being such a polite, well-mannered and hard-working person she is a match worth having. Though being very quiet, she turns out to be like a small UX machine which is unique.

UX/UI Designer

Deyan Uzunov Photo

Dido is a person that trusts logic. He is immaculate in his work and never misses a detail. He seems to have found his way to clients' hearts as he has become one of their top favourites. He is a new addition to the team, but it feels like he has been with us from the very beginning. If you happen to be stuck, he is the person you go to. Pixel perfect describes what you get when you work with this guy.

UX Designer

Radostin Armenov Photo

Radi is the type of person who gets stuff done. One thing we all love about him is how persistent he is. Giving up is not an option for him. He is the type of person who works with logic so UX is really what he is best at. He works on countless projects at the same time and still takes extra tasks. This guy is a real machine!

UX Designer


She is a creative force to be reckoned with! Martina is the newest addition to our UI team. She does not only know how to make your users love your brand but she can create a user interface that makes them browse with excitement! It is rare to have a UI Designer that not only creates with their heart but also with their mind. Her logic is a priceless skill that makes her work with UX designers a breeze.

UI Designer


Nevena is an experienced Business Development Manager with many completed projects. Her experience has taught her that there is one way to do business and that is to make it as human as possible. She builds long-term relationships with clients based on trust, mutual respect, and understanding. She is the leader of Fram in the United Kingdom and takes care of all our local clients.

Head of Business Development - UK


Iliya is well-known in his field of expertise. He is an idol to all developing artists and a standard benchmark among all his colleagues. His creativity combined with his technical skills makes him an invaluable asset to our crew. Client satisfaction is his priority and he takes the success of your projects to the next level. Working with him is a breath of fresh air as he always puts an innovative twist to all of his work. With him you can never get the same old design, he is there to impress and surprise.

3D Artist


She is one of the most technical and methodical people in our team. Her structured way of working always brings 100% consistency and a delightful user experience. She may be one of our youngest rising stars but her work speaks for itself. We have trust that every project that she touches is going to accomplish all set goals and even more!

UX Designer

Margarita Vasileva Photo

Margi is our Jack of all trades and that one crew member that always has the right stuff to make you smile. She handles paperwork how she handles humour, and she handles a trek through the mountains like she handles a casual stroll in the park.

PM & Administrative assistant

Valeriya Georgieva Photo

Val is our dev superstar. She is the one that you can trust with all the code. She has years of experience and continues her education in the USA while assisting us with all development tasks necessary. What you are looking at now is entirely her work. She took the uneasy task of satisfying our design needs and accomplishing perfection. Thank you for the brilliant work, Val! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Development Lead