There are many people who claim that VR is the next big thing, that this technology will completely change the way people perceive information. But how many of these claims are grounded in the RR (Real Reality)? Over the past week, our Framsters, Marina Shideroff and Etien Yovchev met with over 30 companies operating in the realm of Virtual Reality and we would like to share what they learned with anyone who is considering to invest in the integration of VR in their business.

Who’s doing what?

Nowadays VR startups spring up like mushrooms, covering different realms of the enormous amount of use cases for Virtual Reality. However, for an outsider, it’s often difficult to make a distinction amongst all the companies who promise to take you on a journey across a whole new world, a world you have never experienced before. Unless they happen to experience a VR demo, business representatives seem to have a hard time to understand why a specific provider of VR content or technology might be relevant to them.

Everyone at Fram believes that VR has the potential to revolutionize many industries – from Education through Healthcare to Engineering and Advertising. Therefore, we use every opportunity to contribute to the adoption of this technology by the mass market. For that reason, in the next lines you can find the key information about the 4 companies at CEBIT and previously, at the Hannover Messe, that impressed us the most.


Manus VR:



As you can see VR is ready to enhance training and sales activities. If that’s all you need – great – contact one of the companies above or explore the VR community on Referial. But maybe you are still not sure whether VR is the right solution for your business. While we definitely recommend to anyone explore the VR universe, maybe you should wait a year or two after all. Because with the arrival of the 5G network many new possibilities will become available.

How Can Fram Help you with your VR journey?

At the end of the day, Fram is a User Experience company. We partnered with Twinsense360 to make sure our solutions cover the entire digital experience spectrum. Hence, you can already count on us for the development of VR brand stories and the creation of compelling 3D models. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.