FRAM proud to be named a top development partner by Clutch!

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FRAM Proud to be Named


by Clutch!

Here at Fram, we realize it can be daunting for a new business to pursue a new piece of software while also bouncing back from a period of low revenue. That’s why we’re here to help! We’re a full-stack design team that’s helped over 50 companies position their brand online, attract new clientele, and improve customer satisfaction across the board. We help our customers articulate their goals, strategize ideal solutions, and finally implement high quality solutions. In light of our success and impact, we’ve been recognized by Clutch as a top UI/UX agency in Bulgaria! Clutch is a B2B market research firm that uses a one of a kind ranking formula to compare and contrast leaders in various service sectors around the world. We’d like to thank our exceptional clients for making this award possible. As part of the consideration process, they participated in 15-minute review calls with a Clutch analyst. There, we were graded on the basis of our quality, customer service, pricing, and project management. Then, those reflections were transcribed and edited lightly for clarity and length. Finally, a case-study review was published to our Clutch profile. We’re happy to report we’ve earned an excellent 4.9 out of five stars on Clutch so far! Take a look at a snapshot of one of our recent reviews below:
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“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading UX/UI companies for Eastern Europe by Clutch!”
– Marina Shideroff, Founder and CEO



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Virtual Reality: the real business value – Lessons from CEBIT

There are many people who claim that VR is the next big thing, that this technology will completely change the way people perceive information. But how many of these claims are grounded in the RR (Real Reality)? Over the past week, our Framsters, Marina Shideroff and Etien Yovchev met with over 30 companies operating in the realm of Virtual Reality and we would like to share what they learned with anyone who is considering to invest in the integration of VR in their business.

Who’s doing what?

Nowadays VR startups spring up like mushrooms, covering different realms of the enormous amount of use cases for Virtual Reality. However, for an outsider, it’s often difficult to make a distinction amongst all the companies who promise to take you on a journey across a whole new world, a world you have never experienced before. Unless they happen to experience a VR demo, business representatives seem to have a hard time to understand why a specific provider of VR content or technology might be relevant to them.

Everyone at Fram believes that VR has the potential to revolutionize many industries – from Education through Healthcare to Engineering and Advertising. Therefore, we use every opportunity to contribute to the adoption of this technology by the mass market. For that reason, in the next lines you can find the key information about the 4 companies at CEBIT and previously, at the Hannover Messe, that impressed us the most.


  • Products: 360º video filming, live streaming VR, and custom VR apps
  • Business Value: Give remote customers an opportunity to experience a given product or service, effective brand storytelling and improved Marketing Return on Investment
  • References/ Clients: METRO, Kaak Group, Topicus

Manus VR:

  • Products: a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality.
  • Business Value: Extremely immersive training simulation that helps employees retain information in a truly efficient manner
  • References/ Clients: NASA, Škoda


  • Products: Enterprise Platform For Training & Sales
  • Business value: Collaborative, cost-efficient corporate training, Visualization of complex products, improving the buyers’ experience; Immersive review of high-end 3D models, accelerating the decision-making process
  • References/ Clients: FESTO Didactic


  • Products: software solution for the creation and playback of 360° based VR presentations.
  • Business Value: Better understanding of products, Improved training quality
  • References/ Clients: Merck Group, DHL, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Pfisterer Holding

As you can see VR is ready to enhance training and sales activities. If that’s all you need – great – contact one of the companies above or explore the VR community on Referial. But maybe you are still not sure whether VR is the right solution for your business. While we definitely recommend to anyone explore the VR universe, maybe you should wait a year or two after all. Because with the arrival of the 5G network many new possibilities will become available.

How Can Fram Help you with your VR journey?

At the end of the day, Fram is a User Experience company. We partnered with Twinsense360 to make sure our solutions cover the entire digital experience spectrum. Hence, you can already count on us for the development of VR brand stories and the creation of compelling 3D models. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Overview of Fram’s adventures at CEBIT – the world’s largest digital technology expo

At Fram, we have always aimed to be at the forefront of innovation in UX design. So, without any hesitation, we booked our tickets for CEBIT – the world’s largest digital technology expo, the place where pioneering people and businesses present their vision for the future.

CEBIT started on Monday with a breath-taking lecture from Jaron Lanier, the founding father of the field of Virtual Reality. As some of you already know, we recently started offering AR and VR services as a part of our manifesto to provide complete solutions across the entire digital experience spectrum, thus we were extremely excited to meet him.

The real expo began on the following day where team Fram had an opportunity to discuss the design needs of high-tech companies such as IBMVodafone, SAP & Intel.  It was fantastic to meet and connect with so many people and companies eager to create solutions for the digital world. We were able to talk with over a 100 organizations operating in our areas of interest – AR/ VR, FinTech, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. We will definitely keep in touch with some of them.

Besides the tons of valuable connections, CEBIT allows you to really see how new technologies are shaping the world. For example, very soon we will reside in Smart Cities where data and IoT help us live in a truly sustainable and pleasant way. Robots are quite close to taking care of many tasks ‘that are way too dangerous for conducting from a human being. And thanks to VR we would learn faster and more efficiently than at any time in human history.

In conclusion, technology evolves at exponential rates. It can make our lives and work much better but we need to show responsibility, to find solutions to the new problems that arise and be ready to constantly adapt and grow. That’s the mindset Fram has adopted and that’s the path we will follow. Because, at the end of the day, the future is a matter of design.

Fram: what’s in a name?

You may wonder where does the name Fram come from. While just four letters, its story is long and its meaning – deep. Today we design digital worlds for companies that create the future but our roots go over a 100 years back.  Now you get to know all about our source of inspiration – the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen.

Fridtjof Nansen was a natural born pioneer. His greatest ambition was to be first to reach the North Pole and he came up with an audacious plan to do it. He would sail a ship into the Polar ice, allow it to become trapped and then drift with the Arctic Ocean currents up and over the Pole, from eastern Siberia to northern Greenland. For this, he would need a ship unlike any other. It had to be strong enough to resist huge pressures on its hull, secure enough to protect the 12-man crew and warm enough to keep them alive during the long, dark Arctic winter.

Nansen commissioned a Scottish-Norwegian maritime architect, Colin Archer, to build such a ship and the design that Archer came up with was truly revolutionary. Broad and shallow, with almost no keel, the three-masted schooner had a triple-skinned and insulated hull strengthened with cross-beams and was built using the hardest woods available – greenheart from the Amazonian rainforest and European oak. When she was launched in 1892, Nansen christened the new ship Fram – the Norwegian word for ‘forward’, the only direction he recognized.

Fram’s maiden voyage put Archer’s design to the severest of tests. The ship entered the Arctic ice in October 1893 and remained trapped in it for nearly three years, only re-emerging into open water near Spitzbergen in June 1896. Fram and her crew survived three Arctic winters, collected a vast amount of important scientific information about the Arctic Ocean and, although Nansen didn’t reach the North Pole, he did get further north than anyone before: 85° 57’ N in the case of Fram and 86° 13.6’ N in the case of Nansen himself, who left the ship to try and reach the Pole by sledge.

This, though, was only the first of the three remarkable Polar journeys Fram made. Only two years later, in June 1898, she was back in the Arctic Ocean at the start of a four-year voyage to explore and chart the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Then in 1910, Nansen handed Fram on to the next great Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen, who used her for his successful expedition to the South Pole in 1910-12.

All told, there are few ships that have played such an important role in the history of exploration. Few ships have been crewed by people of such vision and courage. And few ships have been designed so perfectly to meet the needs of those visionaries and explorers who set out into the unknown.

Unique, pioneering and dependable, robust, adaptable and resilient – the story of this brilliantly designed ship embodies the values of Fram Creative Solutions. With Nansen’s vision, on the one hand, and Archer’s perfect design, on the other, it’s a story which never ceases to inspire us and all we do. That’s why we chose the name, after all, and we hope that it will continue to inspire you too as we bring you more tales about the good ship Fram and the great age of Polar exploration …

Fram’s Origin Story


In 2018, we have greater access to information than every other time in human history. Yet we can rarely find what we need. There are so many possible choices, so many decisions to make, so little time to do so. How do you move forward?

In 2018, for every problem customers have, they are offered a ton of practically indistinguishable solutions. You create a brilliant, innovative product, better than anything else on the market. Yet you end up putting it on the same website as everyone else, you end making the same sales pitch as everyone else. How do you move forward?

The digital world has evolved to the point where customers have to settle for the 5th most relevant solution, to the point where innovators often fail to communicate their vision to enough people. We have people with needs on the one side and people with good answers on the other. Yet, again and again, they seem unable to reach each other.

At the root of this complex, multi-faceted problem lies another choice. A choice on the innovators’ side. A design choice.

Many associate the word ‘design’ with how something looks. The word ‘Design’ encompasses so much more. It’s about how something works. It’s about finding out what problems matter and what don’t. It’s about creating elegant solutions and communicating them in an easy to understand way, such that makes sense to one’s target audience.

Nowadays beautiful designs are to be found everywhere. But the majority of these visually-appealing designs are not created from a human perspective. Few bother to touch on usability. Fewer solve the information overload problem. Almost all miss a soul. Point is, throwing a new paint on a broken, 70-year old car would not make the vehicle work again.

It’s time simple end-to-end designs become a standard. Is this even possible? It could be – now.

A few months ago, three individuals with extreme personalities met. A storyteller who had been drawing, painting, and creating new worlds since she was 4 years old. A nerd coming from the startup universe who believed he can build a positive future for all humanity by using the power of true innovation. An influential business leader who never stopped trying to help the little guy. While being very different people, each of them understood that successful design starts with the human experience in mind.

After countless conversations, brainstorming sessions, and late-night coffees – Fram Creative Solutions was born. A company with a single mission – to put innovative companies at the forefront of global markets by creating exceptional user experiences.

Because there is no choice but forward.