In 2018, we have greater access to information than every other time in human history. Yet we can rarely find what we need. There are so many possible choices, so many decisions to make, so little time to do so. How do you move forward?

In 2018, for every problem customers have, they are offered a ton of practically indistinguishable solutions. You create a brilliant, innovative product, better than anything else on the market. Yet you end up putting it on the same website as everyone else, you end making the same sales pitch as everyone else. How do you move forward?

The digital world has evolved to the point where customers have to settle for the 5th most relevant solution, to the point where innovators often fail to communicate their vision to enough people. We have people with needs on the one side and people with good answers on the other. Yet, again and again, they seem unable to reach each other.

At the root of this complex, multi-faceted problem lies another choice. A choice on the innovators’ side. A design choice.

Many associate the word ‘design’ with how something looks. The word ‘Design’ encompasses so much more. It’s about how something works. It’s about finding out what problems matter and what don’t. It’s about creating elegant solutions and communicating them in an easy to understand way, such that makes sense to one’s target audience.

Nowadays beautiful designs are to be found everywhere. But the majority of these visually-appealing designs are not created from a human perspective. Few bother to touch on usability. Fewer solve the information overload problem. Almost all miss a soul. Point is, throwing a new paint on a broken, 70-year old car would not make the vehicle work again.

It’s time simple end-to-end designs become a standard. Is this even possible? It could be – now.

A few months ago, three individuals with extreme personalities met. A storyteller who had been drawing, painting, and creating new worlds since she was 4 years old. A nerd coming from the startup universe who believed he can build a positive future for all humanity by using the power of true innovation. An influential business leader who never stopped trying to help the little guy. While being very different people, each of them understood that successful design starts with the human experience in mind.

After countless conversations, brainstorming sessions, and late-night coffees – Fram Creative Solutions was born. A company with a single mission – to put innovative companies at the forefront of global markets by creating exceptional user experiences.

Because there is no choice but forward.