At Fram, we have always aimed to be at the forefront of innovation in UX design. So, without any hesitation, we booked our tickets for CEBIT – the world’s largest digital technology expo, the place where pioneering people and businesses present their vision for the future.

CEBIT started on Monday with a breath-taking lecture from Jaron Lanier, the founding father of the field of Virtual Reality. As some of you already know, we recently started offering AR and VR services as a part of our manifesto to provide complete solutions across the entire digital experience spectrum, thus we were extremely excited to meet him.

The real expo began on the following day where team Fram had an opportunity to discuss the design needs of high-tech companies such as IBMVodafone, SAP & Intel.  It was fantastic to meet and connect with so many people and companies eager to create solutions for the digital world. We were able to talk with over a 100 organizations operating in our areas of interest – AR/ VR, FinTech, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. We will definitely keep in touch with some of them.

Besides the tons of valuable connections, CEBIT allows you to really see how new technologies are shaping the world. For example, very soon we will reside in Smart Cities where data and IoT help us live in a truly sustainable and pleasant way. Robots are quite close to taking care of many tasks ‘that are way too dangerous for conducting from a human being. And thanks to VR we would learn faster and more efficiently than at any time in human history.

In conclusion, technology evolves at exponential rates. It can make our lives and work much better but we need to show responsibility, to find solutions to the new problems that arise and be ready to constantly adapt and grow. That’s the mindset Fram has adopted and that’s the path we will follow. Because, at the end of the day, the future is a matter of design.